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hOur film:


Real science has never been committed to film partially because the subject matter seems so incommensurable with our lives.  Rarely do we question such things as the relationships between theory and reality. 

"hOur film" is not a story, but an exercise in philosophy of science. 

The aforementioned relationships are mediated by models; didactic representations of a target system.  The truth is, we all recognize patterns in nature and often we use analogies (and therefore models) to understand these complex relationships. "hOur film" draws analogy between the physics of the universe and that of a camera.  It attempts to communicate an appreciation for the underlying simplicity of what appears to be a complex universe. 

Marshall McLuhan emphasized that the information we receive is revealed by the form of its content.  "hOur film" examines the universe and film as they envelope each other according to individual perspectives.  The film is assembled and projected within the bounds of the universe, but at the same time represents the universe as a film and thereby encloses what we perceive it to be.  "hOur film" attempts to open an inter-dimensional gateway between the separate worlds of mind and body.

Due to the nature of the material and the complexity of examining universal and filmic connections, the film is edited not in the format of a linear narrative, but as a collage of images and words.  It draws nothing as fact.  Knowing full well that the success of this picture will stand or fall on the beauty of the whole and not just the sum of its parts, means that the film must never be completed.  "hOur film" is about ideas.  It is about the point at which we must stop thinking about the interconnectedness of everything, and do something - however limited in scope.  The Theory of Everything will never come to those waiting for it to be resolved by the mind.


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